Obamania and "oh please" or "dear Dear"

Since it is a current topic, I thought I might try to write something about Barack Obama, the new president of the United States. At first, I won't put it into a poem. It is too difficult yet to tell about things.

"the first black president of the United States"

Is Obama really black?
According to his personal history, he is a world citizen - and exactly this is his speciality. He is neither black, nor white, nor anything. He has seen much, talked much, studied a lot of different things. Even though in Germany students might think, that this is pretty normal, we still don't have that many people like him in our parliament. It is our generation, that is going to make a change. Obama is just one year older than my mum, what makes him an "early" world citizen. I picked this "black president" comment, because it seems to be the basic surprise in our German media.
Yes, it is!
Obama, as a Black is an issue in the States, and he has enough enemies, only because of his skin colour. But now I asked myself, would that be possible in Germany? Only to compare: Would we elect an "Ahmed Müller" born in Frankfurt to be our chancellor?
I guess not! How come that America, much more extreme than Germany, where people in the 60ies protested to be treated the same way, elected a black-skin-coloured world citizen as their president? A good question! Since I am no US expert I have some vague theories. The Americans might see the possible realization of a human dream in Obama, a dream of safety (peace in common language. sorry for that kick), and as I realized today, when I went to the cheap supermarket near by, uppers tell the lowers what is right. So we can assume, that Obama's campaign to get the business people was successful, because they spread the genuine truth.
Another, much nicer assumption is that Americans of the recent generations are as well much more kind of world citizen. I mean, even the housewife in the smallest village, has a TV. Her desires to know the world are represented by a man like Obama. She wants her children to achieve something, and therefore she hopes, that America becomes a country with real values.

As well, a little difficulzt to explain, the history of America's immigration is older. And maybe some generations nowadays started to ask, where did we come from?

Anyway, Obama's problems will be hope, enemies and time. He starts to govern after Bush Junior (I really prefer this "Junior" when introducing him). He has one decade to clean up the mass (and he is keen to, as we could read today, by planning to close Guantanamo Bay prison) when he stays alive. That he stays alive is not ensured, no matter how many security guys are with him, because Obama has the image of the guy to represent the people, to be with the people, but he has so many enemies. On one hand we have the simple uneducated people, who still have a problem with skin colour. Even though it is unlikely that those succeed with an assassination, it is still possible. But it is also possible, that these people will change their minds, when they expire the advantages of Obamas regime. At least some of them will say: He is doing a good job. Just like they simply had waited for the chance to change their minds. Another great danger lies in those people, who are involved deeply in economics. Even though we face an economic crises, there are still the ones who profit, there will be those, who are keen to profit again, and when they don't understand the general purpose of Obama's upcoming economic policies they might take the wrong decisions. I don't fear the regular company owner, I fear the "big fishes", like piranhas and sharks! Their power is greater and according to what we all don't want to believe: Money rules the world, which means, not money for the broad public, but money for the sharks!

I haven't read much about Obama, I really don't know him, I am not a great fan, but there is a remarkable thing:

When I look at him, hear his voice, listen to the things he is saying, I believe him. Obama wants to make a change. And even though, he won't be able to change the world to better, he is again one of the few politicians in our world, that simply wants to create good living conditions for the greatest possible number. And there is so much he already changed by his pure advance and election, he gave hope to the governmets and people in the world. It was him who successfully changed America's bad image in the world.

This won't be my last post. We, the common people here, in this period of time, feel so satisfied, that once a man had been elected, who could really make a change, only because we believe in his pure thoughts.

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